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Bloodhound In Training is a 501 c3 non profit organization established in 2008


Our mission is to provide life saving search and rescue services by providing charitable volunteer search & rescue assistance to local law enforcement, fire search & rescue and public/private sectors. Bloodhound in Training assists any and all who request assistance when available.


Always contact your local fire and law enforcement agencies first


A primary function of our organization is conditioning our bloodhounds and working with mock trails for the handlers and bloodhounds in parks and public areas. Conditioning the bloodhounds to various types of distractions, weather, terrain and noise is beneficial to real life threatening situations.  Logs are kept by the handler for each trail that is run by the bloodhound and handler, team.


Our organization also offers foster care services for bloodhounds in need of rescue from kill shelters and bloodhounds in need of new homes. These services include rehabilitation and training to re-integrate pets into new homes and the possibility of being utilized as a Search & Rescue k-9. We prioritize ourselves in networking and helping to connect and find a best fit home directly with the bloodhound being placed and its owner.


Educating the public and community on the utilization and unique needs of bloodhounds is an important aspect of our organization. Members of Bloodhound in Training can provide, at no cost, educational instruction to the community when funding permits

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